Does complexity define wargames?

What defines complexity, after all? Does a game for experts need to be hard to play? Over the years there has definitely been a race to add more details to the games. Abstraction has become an design target few wargames developers are willing to pursue, because it breaks the rule of historical accuracy, but is the real thing fun to play?

The level of intricacy some titles have is the first a biggest barrier for new players to approach the wargaming genre. New potential audiences are out there looking at these games as monstrous beasts that are impossible to beat, but are the few that are willing to take the leap of faith rewarded enough?

#HoW15 is the perfect place to discuss scope of games, game design best practices and how to turn something that's extremely complex and scary for new comers into something that is sexy and inviting. Without dumbing down the games and making them less elaborated. What is your view? Make sure you share it before the event and drive the change at this year's conference..

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