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    I don't like this, it doesn't work.

    Imagine catching a flight to a distant city you've never been to. You leave in a rush, no time to read a proper travel guide. Don't know the language either. Don't know the local rules: this trip is going to be a nightmare, for sure. The airport is your first test...

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    IGOUGO and WEGO: a war of religions?

    Sometimes personal preferences about turn resolutions are dangerously bordering with orthodoxy. Something close to the Nadal and Federer debate (Federer for me, of course), Pasta and Rice, Beatles and Rolling Stones, Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson (well, both, in this case). Play style is important. It can instantly...

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    The price is right?

    There are always discussions going on about this topic. Every single release has its own thread on how expensive the game is, how it should be sold at a lower price to attract a wider audience, how a good discount would sell more copies, all the way to very strong opinions about how our business should be run....

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    Does complexity define wargames?

    What defines complexity, after all? Does a game for experts need to be hard to play? Over the years there has definitely been a race to add more details to the games. Abstraction has become an design target few wargames developers are willing to pursue...

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    Do we really need counters in a modern wargame?

    There is a totally new approach to game graphics nowadays. Back when everything had to be 3D and modern gaming was defined by shaders and number of polygons, wargames slowly started to shift to being called 'a niche'...

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    Why is Gamespot not reviewing my game?

    Media relations have changed dramatically over recent years. There has been a huge shift in how games are promoted and how players form an opinion before they decide if they will buy a game or not. This change involves...

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    Why a Developers Conference?

    Home of Wargamer 2015 will be exclusively dedicated to developers. The traditional format of face to face presentations to journalists has brought great results in the past, but we thought it was time to change the format...

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  • #How14 Pictures Gallery

    We have added a gallery of pictures of last year's edition of Home of Wargamers.