Do we really need counters in a modern wargame?

There is a totally new approach to game graphics nowadays. Back when everything had to be 3D and modern gaming was defined by shaders and number of polygons, wargames slowly started to shift to being called 'a niche'.

Now there is a big opportunity to capture a new audience and make wargames mainstream again. This opportunity comes from a new approach to designing game graphics and UI style; a wave we have to ride to attract the attention back to our genre and increase the size of the market by creating games that are not only innovative from a gameplay perspective, but set a new tone in visual approach.

At #HoW15 UI and art style will be debated in a dedicated panel where Art Director Richard Evans will introduce some best practices and engage with the best wargames developers in the world about the subject. Do you have questions? Or want to share your view about the subject? Be part of #HoW15.

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